Call us at 040 762 566 and leave a message. A therapist will return your call in the shortest time possible in order to schedule a time for your session, or to respond to other inquiries. We return calls and emails Monday through Friday, typically within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you may contact us via email
Please be sure to leave us your name and number for contact. Also, in order to protect your privacy, please do not send delicate confidential information via e-mail.

In general, no single psychotherapeutic approach stands out with better results than other approaches. The most important factor for success is to find the right therapist, someone with whom you feel safe and comfortable. At Zavod Namen experienced psychotherapists offer a safe and trusting relationship in which you will be accepted as you are, so you can stop judging or blaming yourself, and so you will not have to fight against your feelings anymore.

  Our work is guided by certain overarching beliefs:

  • That we grow in relationship
  • That we are deeply influenced by early childhood and our families
  • That each of us holds the innate power to heal and transform
  • That there must always be some room for mystery, and a great deal of room for our humanness

The first session provides a chance to meet and connect with the therapist, and to exchange basic information regarding the therapeutic process that will ensue. During the initial session, the dialogue will address which issues, wishes and hopes may be presented. Working together with the therapist, you will mutually establish the goals of therapy. While the basic treatment cycle consists of 12 therapeutic sessions, it will ultimately depend on the nature of your concerns, your level of distress, your preferences, and your financial needs.  Therapy sessions are 50 minutes and usually scheduled once weekly.  The duration of therapy is ultimately up to you.  Some people come to therapy to work on specific issues and find a small number of sessions to be sufficient.  Others wish to work on deeper or longer standing issues and our time together may unfold over several months.

The sessions are lead according to the principles of advisory therapeutic work. All personal information is subject to the Privacy Protection Act in relation to the Processing of Personal Data (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 86/2004), the Occupational Therapist’s Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethics for Social Work.