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People sometimes falsely believe that being in therapy means they are weak or crazy.  Many of the healthiest, happiest people seek therapy at some point in their lives. Engaging in therapy is an invitation into authenticity and connection. It’s a sign of strength, a true investment in your self.
What else could be more important?

  • It may simply be the desire to not have to carry your burden on your own anymore. Individual therapy offers time that is just for you, and space to explore and connect with the deeper layers of yourself within the container of the therapy relationship. Together we have the opportunity to regard how you have been living your life, to consider the parts that are not working as well as they could, and to generate new possibilities.

    The therapy process is about becoming clear. It provides a chance to turn down the outside noise so that you can hear the inside voice. It carves out a path for learning to better follow your healthy impulses. 

  • A profoundly painful experience is to be in a relationship, and yet still feel alone. Two people in a relationship create a new world together.  This third space, the space of the relationship, can provide a source of affection, refuge, love, strength and security.  At the same time, it can also prove to be a source of intense pain, conflict and struggle.  Relationships bring hidden parts of us to the surface, the best and the worst.  This in fact is why they offer tremendous opportunity for mutual healing and growth.  Cultivating a good relationship takes courage, strength, faith, compassion for ourselves and our partners, and a healthy dose of humor. 

    We offer relational therapy for couples (heterosexual as well as same-sex) that is both depth oriented and practical. As with individual work, a purpose in couples therapy is to increase awareness about the deeper layers of our experience.  Learning to understand and connect with these deepest parts of ourselves allows us to become more present for our partners, less burdened by the past and more able of generating the intimacy we so long for.

    Therapy is a courageous and caring choice to make at any stage of a relationship.  Not every couple seeking therapy is in distress; in fact, many happy and successful couples engage in therapy as a way to enhance their connection to one another.

  • If parenting were ever listed as an occupation, it would certainly rank as the hardest full-time, no-pay, no-vacation job. Need we say more?

    Seriously though, intense emotions may be triggered in parents at any point throughout their child’s life course, and this is entirely natural. The purpose of family therapy is to help parents believe and find that the right response for their child is truly already within them. Children put us in a position of having to continually be mindful of what we think and feel about anything and everything that regards their current circumstance. The parents’ job is to communicate this awareness appropriately so the child can learn from such responsiveness and continue to grow a healthy sense of being. Effective parenting can many a time present an entirely new and highly demanding challenge. Often, time and space for individual and partnership needs are lost in the process.

    Family therapy makes space for everyone. The process calms, encourages, equips and guides parents and family members through experiencing the myriad of intense emotions that are inherent to the hubbub of any family atmosphere. The more parents are able to fully experience, the deeper and more attuned they will be able at making and maintaining connection with their children. This is precisely what will facilitate their children to go out into the world and into new relationships feeling competent and unburdened.

  • Therapy group is a unique form of therapeutic work. And there are many reasons to choose to join a group. Exploring and developing relationships within a therapy group is a way to inform you about your direction, and your nature.  It also powerfully illuminates patterns of relating that support and hinder your life experiences.

    Therapy group offers dialogue, connection, mutual support, a safe environment in which to experiment with getting and giving feedback, and the opportunity for rich personal investigation. Therapy group offers a chance to explore new behaviors and responses in a social context. Together, group members learn to access the deepest parts of themselves as a source for healing and direction. They learn and experience mutual understanding and empathy as well as support, allowing group members to experience even negative affects in a positive manner and to see themselves through the eyes of others. Group offers the opportunity to break free from fixed conceptions of the self and to move towards a true awareness of actual experience. It is this self-awareness that holds the seeds of transformation.

  • Working with people can be like standing inside a beehive and not being able to hear your own thoughts. You may be finding yourself wondering where the mute button is.

    Without doubt, all professionals who work with people are exposed to emotionally intense and highly demanding processes. The purpose of supervision is to help these professionals recognize, highlight, and bring new perspective to the myriad of emotional complications and responsibilities carried by those who work in the fields of social interactions, such as social work, schooling and health. In addition to improving efficacy, supervision ultimately brings a sense of release and relief for the professional and their working environment. All our therapists are also licensed supervisors and provide both individual and group supervision.

We work with

We work with a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Anxiety, phobias, fears, stress
  • Depression, low self-esteem, feelings of inferiority
  • Eating disorders or struggles with body image 
  • Addictions (relationships, sexual, psychoactive substances, alcohol)
  • Developing healthy sexuality
  • Physical illness and pain
  • Trauma (sexual, physical, emotional)
  • Violence (verbal, physical, emotional), anger regulation, aggression
  • Loneliness or isolation
  • Shyness or social anxiety and difficulty establishing interpersonal relationships
  • Grief and loss (mourning breakups or the death of a loved one) 
  • Blocked creativity
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Premarital counseling
  • Couples therapy (infidelity, estrangement, misunderstandings, violence, communication difficulties, divorce, conflict, relationship addiction) 
  • Family and interpersonal relationships
  • Parental roles and child-rearing

All our therapists are also licensed supervisors and provide both individual and group supervision.